Why certify a nature conservation project?

A certification ensures that important standards are satisfied. At AgoraNatura you will only find nature conservation projects which have been certified according to the Naturplus-Standard. We also include links to projects which are certified according to the MoorFutures-Standard.

The Naturplus-Standard

Projects are certified according to the Naturplus-Standard, which was specifically designed for AgoraNatura and sets an effective framework for providing biological diversity and ecosystem services. The Standard was developed in collaborative effort between scientists, farmers and nature conservationists.

As an independent third party, the certification authority agraathaer checks whether a project aligns with the Naturplus-Standard.


Certification process

To propose a project on AgoraNatura, project suppliers must write a project description which is then submitted to the independent certification authority. This checks whether the project description is complete and viable, and that all criteria of the Naturplus-Standard are satisfied. For example, the implementation plan must be comprehensive, and the methods of measuring and report writing must be based on scientific standards.

A project only goes online on AgoraNatura once it has been successfully certified, after which investors can buy nature conservation certificates to support the project. One certificate represents an investment of 100 m2 for one year of the project’s duration.

Following an ongoing project

Once all nature conservation certificates for a project are sold, the project can get started. AgoraNatura regularly checks if the reports on actions and outcomes are delivered on time. At least once a year, project suppliers must submit a report confirming the successful implementation of their project.

If difficulties arise, the certification authority will step in and assess whether the project can continue as planned. If adjustments are necessary, solutions will be worked on together with the project suppliers. Investors will be informed of any changes from the AgoraNatura team.

Once a year, the certification authority makes random checks on selected projects, depending on the reports and on-site results.


AgoraNatura will soon also offer certificates from projects which are certified by the MoorFutures-Standard. Some are already available in our current project list. If you would like to invest in one of the MoorFutures projects, you will be redirected to the project site at MoorFutures.