AgoraNatura is shortlisted for the Biodiversity Challenge 2021!

The decision has been made - AgoraNatura, together with 8 fellow campaigners, has made it into the pre-selection of the Biodiversity Challenge 2021 made it. We are now allowed to take part in a pitch workshop, which will reach its finale on 21 October with the pitches of the participants. 
The Biodiversity Challenge is a joint initiative of Social Impact gGmbH and Mondelez International. The programme serves to network innovative social initiatives with a focus on biodiversity and species conservation in agriculture and supports them in the further development of their business models.

The three winners of the Challenge will receive prize money. First place receives 25,000 euros, second 15,000 euros and third 10,000 euros. This payment is intended to support the initiatives in working on the identified challenges and may only be used in connection with the project or initiative.

We are very happy to be part of it and are looking forward to the other projects and the exchange. 
Also on board are:
  • Species happiness (Sponsorships for flowering meadows and bird windows)
  • Flying game rescuers (Protection of young deer/wild animals during mowing by drones)

  • IdentMe (Identification of specific species by DNA/eDNA analysis)

  • SAM dimension (Savings of up to 70% herbicides through the use of drones and AI)

  • Soulfood forestfarms (Support for regenerative agriculture)

  • Network for Nature (Development of a regional biotope network and education)

  • GuterGrund (Use of drones with lasers for weed control)

  • HempConnect GmbH (Strengthening the crop hemp as a field crop and soil improver)