Strong performance - for nature and your company!

With AgoraNatura you invest in the services of nature. These not only have a direct and indirect impact on human well-being, but also on our economic activity. As a company, you can make a very important contribution to the preservation of a diverse and intact nature, beyond the operational environmental protection. And this is not only worthwhile for nature, but also for your company.

What do companies have to do with biodiversity and nature services? The Biodiversity in Good Company' initiative gives a good overview: "Biodiversity and ecosystem services - this concerns companies."

Presentation of a nature conservation certificate to WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH. © K.Karkow

Why you should invest:

  • Staff: A sustainable business strategy increases the attractiveness of the company as an employer. It ensures a high level of identification and motivation among employees and more chances of success in recruiting new workers.
  • Regionality: You are committed to an environment worth living in and thus show your attachment to a specific region. You can support projects in a targeted manner - be it close to your company headquarters, your supply chains or your sales markets in Germany.
  • Risk reduction: Your customers increasingly perceive the protection of biodiversity and other natural services as an issue for the future. With your investment, you are countering the scarcity of natural production bases and positioning yourself as a proactive shaper, also with your employees and the customers of tomorrow.
  • Corporate philosophy: AgoraNatura supports you in translating your corporate values and sustainability strategies into action, without much organisational effort and with the security of investing in effective measures.
  • Corporate Communications: Concrete projects provide you with occasions for pictures and stories. The nature conservation certificates show the expected effects of your investment for those who want to know exactly. They underline the credibility and quality standards of your company and enable new points of contact because you can refer not only to the protection of nature but also to its services for us humans.

You can find even more arguments for your commitment in our company brochure (pdf - 2 MB):

What you can expect:

  • Credibility: With your investment, you support certified projects that are demonstrably geared towards providing biodiversity and other nature services.
  • Transparency: The certificates provide information about the nature services that are supported by your investment. You will also be informed about relevant activities and progress of the projects you (co-)finance.
  • Security: They invest in nature conservation projects whose planning and implementation is independently audited and monitored.

Which is not (always) possible:

  • Guarantees: It is always the project plan that is certified, not the result. This means that the effects described are very likely to be expected if the project is carried out as planned, but cannot be guaranteed. Exceptions are projects that prove to be "Contract for work" offer. Here, the success of the project is guaranteed and you have a legal right to it.
  • Donation receipts: Not all projects come with a donation receipt. Depending on whether the person or organisation offering the project is a non-profit and what kind of pledge they associate with the project, it may be possible per Donation supported and a donation receipt issued. In the case of projects that produce concrete results ("Contract for work") or defined services ("Service contract") promise, this is not possible.
  • Compulsory compensationAll projects on AgoraNatura take place voluntarily. They are not related to obligatory compensations such as compensation and replacement measures within the framework of the Federal Nature Conservation Act or the legally required CO2-The same is true for the other types of compensation, which are not usable in this context.

You too can become active!

Support nature conservation projects together with other investors or finance a complete area on your own. Some companies have already done it, including the regional energy supplier WEMAG AG, the wood production company WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH and ISCC System GmbH, a certification company for various natural raw materials. Let our Success stories and inspire other pioneering investors! 

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