Increased benefits - for nature and your business!

At AgoraNatura, you invest in nature. This not only has a direct and indirect effect on human wellbeing, but also on the way we conduct business. As a company, you can contribute a great deal to the preservation of diverse and healthy ecosystems. Not only will this benefit nature, but it will also benefit your business.

Handing over a nature certificate to the WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH

Why you should invest:

  • Employees: A sustainable business strategy increases your attractiveness as an employer. It ensures strong identity and motivation among current employees and leads to greater success when recruiting new staff.
  • Regional presence: You create an environment that supports a high quality of life, showing your commitment to a specific region. You can choose exactly which project(s) you want to support - whether it be close to your office, near a part of your supply chain or one of your regional branches in Germany.
  • Reduce risk: The protection of biological diversity and other ecosystem services will be taken more seriously by your customers. Your investment confronts the scarcity of natural resources and illustrates your commitment to driving change, thereby attracting future staff as well as customers.
  • Business philosophy: AgoraNatura supports you in transforming your business values and sustainability strategies into actions. We make sure that you invest in measures that fit to your needs with minimal organisational effort.
  • Reporting: By financing projects on AgoraNatura, you contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - especially goal 15 (Life on land). Integrate your investment in natural capital into sustainability reporting to show how your company generates added value for society. Thanks to the Natureplus-Standard you can clearly locate, quantify and upscale your engagement.
  • Business communication: Tangible projects create motives to post pictures and stories. The nature conservation certificates show the expected outcomes of your investment, providing transparency. They underline the credibility and the quality standards of your company and sets up new points of contact, since your investment in the conservation of nature is also an investment in services to humanity.

What you can expect:

  • Credibility: Your investment supports certified projects which provide identifiable improvements to biological diversity and other ecosystem services.
  • Transparency: The certificates give information about the ecosystem services which are supported by your investment. Moreover, you will be updated about relevant activities and developments of the project(s) you have helped to finance.
  • Security: You invest in nature conservation projects whose planning and implementation are evaluated and monitored by an independent authority.

What is not (always) possible:

  • GuaranteesThe certification is ascribed to a project's proposal, not its results. This implies that the described outcomes, in accordance with the project's plan, are highly probable but cannot be guaranteed. Exemptions are projects which are offered as "working contracts". For these projects, the success of the proposal is guaranteed, and you have a legal claim on this.
  • Certificates of charitable contributionNot all projects operate on a donation basis. Depending on whether the project is being run by a non-profit and the type of commitment linked to the project, it can be supported with a donation for which you will receive a certificate of charitable contribution. Only projects which guarantee specific results ("working contract") or particular services ("service agreement") do not give certificates of charitable contribution.
  • Mandatory offsetsAll projects on AgoraNatura are carried out on a voluntary basis. They are not associated with mandatory offsets, such as mitigation and compensation measures from the Federal Act for the Protection of Nature or legally required CO2-compensations, and cannot be used for this purpose.

Now is the time to be active!

Support nature conservation projects together with other investors or finance an entire area individually. Several companies have already stepped up to the mark, including the regional energy supplier WEMAG AG, the wood production company WERKHAUS Design + Produktion GmbH as well as ISCC System GmbH, a certification company for various natural raw materials. Allow yourself to be inspired by our success stories and other pioneering investors!

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