Why certified nature conservation projects?

Certification ensures that important standards are met. At AgoraNatura, only nature conservation projects can be offered and financially supported that are certified according to the Natureplus-Standard have been certified. In addition, reference is made to projects that have been certified according to the MoorFuture standard are certified.

The natureplus-Standard

With the new Natureplus-Standard projects that provide effective framework conditions for biodiversity and nature services are certified. The standard was developed jointly by colleagues from science, agriculture and nature conservation.

As an independent third party, the certification body agrathaer verifies whether a project complies with the natureplus-standard. (Contact at the bottom of the page)


The process of certification

In order to be able to offer a project to AgoraNatura, the bidders have to fill in a project description, which is then sent to the independent certification body. The certification body checks whether the project description is complete and plausible, and whether it meets all the criteria of the nature conservation scheme.plus-standards must be met. For example, the measures described must be traceable and the methods for measuring and reporting must be scientifically recognised.

Only after successful certification does the project go online on AgoraNatura and investors can invest in the project by purchasing nature conservation certificates. One certificate always stands for 100 m2 area and a one-year term.

Support during the implementation

Once all the conservation certificates for a project have been sold, it can be implemented. AgoraNatura regularly checks whether the reports on measures and results are received as planned. At least once a year, the provider must confirm the successful implementation of the project. 

In the event of difficulties, the certification body steps in and assesses whether the project can continue as planned. If adjustments are necessary, it works together with the providers to find solutions. The investors are informed via AgoraNatura. 

Once a year, the certification body randomly audits selected projects, both on the basis of the reports and the results on site.


In the future, AgoraNatura will also offer certificates from projects that are certified according to the MoorFutures standard have been certified. You can already find some of these projects in our current offers. If you want to invest in the MoorFutures projects, however, we currently still direct you to the provider.

Nature certification bodyplus-Standard

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