Forms of contract

AgoraNatura brings people together to realise nature conservation projects. By purchasing nature conservation certificates, providers and investors enter into a contract with each other. The offering person or organisation decides on the form of the contract and can choose between three contract forms.


Donation contract

In the case of a donation contract, the investment must be used for the purpose of the described project measures. However, there is - from a legal point of view - no obligation to achieve the intended results. A donation contract can only be offered if the person or organisation offering it has been certified as a non-profit organisation by the competent tax office and is pursuing non-profit purposes with the investment raised. If this is the case, investors can receive a donation receipt for this type of contract.

Service contract

A service contract obliges the providing person or organisation to actually implement all measures described for the project. This includes documentation and monitoring of the intended results. However, there is - purely legally - no obligation to achieve the intended results. The service contract is interesting for providers who do not have non-profit status as defined by the tax office. 

Contract for work

With a contract for work and services, the offering person or organisation commits to achieving a defined project success. This is not only a promise that the measures will be implemented and documented, but that the described result will actually be achieved. In this case, it is the result that is rewarded, not the implementation of the measures. Therefore, the measures do not have to be reported; only the defined result has to be proven. If the defined result is not achieved, the investors can reclaim the amounts they have paid. Due to the strict requirements and the higher risk, providers will calculate higher costs for this type of contract.