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The online marketplace for certified nature conservation projects offers two new projects for support in the Bavarian district of Freising. In the first project, a valuable retreat for endangered bird species is to be created. Crowdfunding via AgoraNatura helps to ensure that the animals can survive outside protected areas in the future. In the second project, a moorland area will be preserved by grazing with endangered domestic animal breeds and developed in such a way that a special habitat for native wild animal and plant species is created. Everyone can support the projects easily with a click from home!

Freising, 12.10.2021

As prescribed by AgoraNatura, the projects were evaluated according to the Naturplus standard certified. This ensures that they provide effective frameworks for biodiversity and nature services and that results are also regularly monitored during implementation.

The projects are financed through so-called nature conservation certificates. Each certificate protects and develops 100 square metres of the project area for one year. However, both projects will only be implemented when all conservation certificates have been financed by mid-February 2022. The projects can be visited during the planned term of five years and regular information on progress is provided.

Both projects are supported by the Landschaftspflegeverband Freising e. V. implemented together with the Bartl family farm. Main goals of the landscape conservation association Freising e. V. are the preservation and maintenance of the natural and cultural landscape in the district of Freising, the safeguarding of the habitat of many endangered animal and plant species and the promotion of regional economic cycles, especially with farms. After many years of successful cooperation with the Bartl family farm, both actors are particularly pleased that the projects have come to fruition.

The first project is located in the Bachinger Moos and creates a refuge for meadow nesting birds. These include e.g. lapwing, curlew, skylark and whinchat. They are among the most endangered native bird species in Germany. In the modern agricultural landscape they no longer find a suitable habitat and sufficient food. The project counteracts this with targeted spring grazing with endangered Murnau-Werdenfels cattle or forest sheep from Bavaria. This creates a favourable situation for the young birds during the breeding season.

The second project aims to show that less intensive grazing can be a high nature conservation use for wet peatlands. The project area is already relatively wet and intended for further wetting. Grazing is also done with Murnau-Werdenfels cattle and forest sheep, two endangered domestic breeds. In order to achieve the nature conservation development, money is needed in particular for the lease of the first five years and the construction of the pasture fence.

The independent mediation platform also offers other quality-checked and transparently visible nature conservation projects in Germany. Getting involved in nature conservation privately or as a company has never been so easy.

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