About moor frogs instead of agriculture in the NDR radio report

We are very happy that the project "Moor Frog Islands near Sestelin - Part 2" was fully financed by AgoraNatura and would like to thank all donors!

"Agriculture and nature conservation are not mutually exclusive, but must be thought of together," says farmer Christian Ringenberg. He and the project provider Nathalie Soethe described in an interview with NDR how the project "Moorfroschinseln beim Sestelin" came about.

The aim of the project is to create a refuge for endangered amphibian species. The focus is on amphibian conservation and especially on the protection of the moor frog, which is typical of northern Germany, as a target species of particular value that has already been identified. 

Unmanaged buffer zones protect and, if necessary, promote amphibian populations. Many bird species (hedge and ground nesting birds), insect species (e.g. ground beetles, wild bees) and reptiles also benefit from this. Photo: Nathalie Soethe

 Here go to the short report on NDR Radio from 10.10.21 at 12:10 by Lars Kohstall: