2nd place for AgoraNatura in the Biodiversity Challenge!


Amazing! We are very happy to have won 2nd place in the Biodiversity Challenge and to have convinced the jury of our approach.

After four weeks with three workshops including coaching and exciting exchanges, the final of the Biodiversity Challenge was on 21 October: the Pitch Night. The nine teams selected for the Challenge had 3 minutes each to present their project on biodiversity conservation in agriculture, followed by 5 minutes for questions.

The many hours of preparation and an evening full of nervousness paid off: AgoraNatura's pitch convinced the jury and secured us second place with prize money of 15,000 euros. In first place landed IdentMe GmbH. With the help of their innovative eDNA analysis, they gain reliable data for identifying species and thus support the measurement and promotion of biodiversity. They can look forward to the prize money of 25,000 euros. SAM DIMENSIONa drone camera system that minimises the use of pesticides, made it to third place, receiving 10,000 euros. The total of nine finalists also included Species happiness, HempConnect GmbH, GuterGrund, Network for Nature, thermal DRONES GmbH Flying game rescuer and SOULFOOD FORESTFARMS.

The jury consisted of Norbert Kunz (Managing Director and Founder of Social Impact gGmbH), Michael Alberg-Seberich (Managing Director of Wider Sense Agency), Susanne Alig-Mathis (Associate Director Sustainability Mondelēz International & Vice President of Mondelēz International Foundation) and Jan Trichterborn (Associate Marketing Director Bakery D/AT Mondelēz International).

We thank Social Impact & Mondelēz International for hosting the Challenge with exciting input, helpful coaching and inspiring exchange! We look forward to further collaboration. We want to use our prize money to increase the visibility and reach of AgoraNatura and to attract new providers and investors, so that we can spread effective nature conservation and together shape agricultural landscapes for the future.

The Biodiversity Challenge is a joint initiative of Social Impact gGmbH and Mondelēz International. The programme serves to network innovative social initiatives with a focus on biodiversity and species conservation in agriculture and supports them in the further development of their business models.