MoorFutures Climate Protection for Participation

Climate protection certificates from Schleswig-Holstein

We are looking for investors to co-finance nature services from the rewetting of a peatland.

10/2020 - 09/2065
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Über das Projekt

Initial situation

The MoorFutures project Königsmoor is part of a total of about 1200 ha of raised bog that was heavily drained in the course of the 20th century. In the past, the project area was drained by ditches and drainages and intensively used as grassland.

What would happen without the project?

The use of the peatland without the project is described on the MoorFutures page.

As well as the development of the area without the rewetting.

Concrete measures

You can also find the concrete measures on the MoorFutures page.

You invest in the following ecosystem services:

Link for calculation

So everyone can experience the ecosystem service

  • The area can be visited after arranging with the land user.

Land user offering the project


Contact person:Moor Futures

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Documentation in the implementation phase

The project starts on 01.10.2020 and exactly goes 45years , provided all certificates have been sold.

You will be regularly informed about the progress of the project. For this purpose, the providers can provide short news, picture or audio material. The providers are obliged to report at least once a year whether everything went well with the implementation. If there are difficulties from your point of view, please contact us, the provider itself or the certification body.

Documentation of the certification

Certified after

Certification report

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