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Success for endangered moor frogs: Nature conservation project near Greifswald finds funding for first year through AgoraNatura and is now looking for support for subsequent years

Berlin / Müncheberg, 02.07.2021
Farmer Christian Ringenberg has transformed a previously conventionally used field near Greifswald into a valuable habitat for moor frogs and other amphibians. So far, however, his project is only funded for the first year until the end of 2021. In order to maintain the protected area, he is now looking for financial support for the second part of the project. For this purpose, certificates are now available for sale on AgoraNatura (, the first online marketplace for certified nature conservation projects. Within the framework of the first part of the project, the first nature conservation measures have been carried out since the beginning of July, which benefit moor frogs as well as other amphibians and bees on site.

Farmer Christian Ringenberg's family farm in the south of Greifswald stands for sustainable and gentle land use. After the decision was made in autumn 2019 to take a 3.5-hectare area out of commercial operation and leave it entirely to wildlife - including the endangered moor frogs that turn blue during the mating season - the first task was to gain the necessary financial support for the ambitious project. Mr Ringenberg succeeded in doing so via AgoraNatura, an online marketplace for certified nature conservation with a crowdfunding principle.

The response was great. After only a few weeks, all certificates were sold and the project was ready to start - but initially limited to one year. Inspired by the success of the pilot project, Mr Ringenberg is now again looking for investors to finance the project for another three years. The reason: without financial support, the farmer cannot afford to give up cultivating the protected area for amphibians. However, if the farmland is cultivated again, the animals are exposed to a high risk of injury and killing due to regular soil cultivation. In addition to amphibian protection, the project will include a perennial bee pasture and an extensive field with arable wild herbs. On the Project page the measures and their effects on nature are explained in detail.

Both private individuals and companies have the opportunity to secure the long-term continuation of the project until November 2021. Only when all certificates have been sold will the measures be implemented. Each certificate represents 100 square metres of space and costs €12.80. By buying certificates, investors not only help the moor frogs and other animal and plant species; they also enable themselves and other visitors to the region to enjoy a new place to visit: the beautiful landscape a good 10 km south of Greifswald can be visited via a road with little traffic - for example as part of a cycling excursion.

The financing of the project is made possible by AgoraNatura. The online marketplace was created as part of a research and implementation project in which colleagues from science, nature conservation and landscape management worked together. Their goal is to create a digital place through which more businesses and residents can work collaboratively and effectively to conserve nature in their region. At the same time, you can learn a lot about the complex relationships between biodiversity and nature services in the marketplace.


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