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The online marketplace for certified nature conservation projects offers a new project for support in the Sauen forest in Brandenburg. A species-rich hedge and a meadow orchard are to be preserved and further developed. Crowdfunding via AgoraNatura helps to preserve native plants and endangered animal species, as well as to revive endangered fruit varieties and natural pollination. Everyone can support easily with a click from home!

Freising, 12.10.2021

As prescribed by AgoraNatura, the projects were evaluated according to the Naturplus standard certified. This ensures that they provide effective frameworks for biodiversity and nature services and that results are also regularly monitored during implementation.

The project is financed through so-called nature conservation certificates. Each certificate protects and develops 100 m² of the project area for one year. However, the project will only be implemented when all conservation certificates have been financed by the beginning of March 2022. The project can be visited during the planned duration of five years and regular information on progress is provided.Preservation of valuable landscape elements in the Sauen Forest
The project is implemented by the August Bier Foundation. One of the main goals of the foundation is to promote science and research in the field of ecology in the spirit of August Bier, as well as to fulfil charitable purposes. With the opening of the new AgoraNatura marketplace, the foundation wants to use the opportunity to find support for the development of the elements as a testimony to the ideas of Prof. Dr. August Bier.

The project is located in the Sauen forest and promotes valuable habitat between agricultural landscape, forest and settlement area. The implementation includes measures to preserve a meadow orchard with maintenance pruning of 30 existing fruit trees, 5 new plantings with endangered fruit varieties and the creation of a perennial wildflower meadow on 2,000 m². Special maintenance measures are planned to preserve the 300 m long hedge, which is particularly diverse with 15 different native tree and shrub species. 

The foundation takes care of the conservation of the landscape elements, but can only implement the measures planned with the project with financial participation. The foundation therefore offers the possibility to participate in the conservation and development of the habitat through AgoraNatura.

The independent mediation platform also offers other quality-checked and transparently visible nature conservation projects in Germany. Getting involved in nature conservation privately or as a company has never been so easy.

AgoraNatura is Germany's first online marketplace for certified nature conservation projects.

Since October 2020, AgoraNatura has enabled anyone who manages land and wants to implement a nature conservation project to finance it via crowdfunding or through partnerships with companies. Private investors and companies can specifically promote biodiversity and nature services through the purchase of nature conservation certificates. To ensure the ecological impact of the projects, each project is externally certified by Naturplus-Standard.

AgoraNatura emerged from a research and development project with partners from nature conservation and agriculture. Since July 2021, the marketplace has been run as a project of the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF). The spin-off as an independent organisation is planned for 2022.

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