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Save peatlands - protect the climate. In Brandenburg.

Through the rewetting of the "Rehwiese" fen, we achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and an overall positive effect on nature conservation. The upgraded watercourse develops in a near-natural way and important habitats for various plants and animals are created.

01/2025 - 12/2074
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Über das Projekt

Initial situation

The Rehwiese project area covers about 10 hectares and is located near Freienhagen between Nassenheide and Liebenwalde in the Oberhavel district. It is crossed by a flowing ditch that leads to the Schnellen Havel. The ditch, a small flowing watercourse, runs through the forest and already exhibits great naturalness in the section before the Rehwiese.

The grassland of the deer meadow was previously used for agriculture, and the ditch here was quite straight and deeply cut. This led to a strong drainage of the fen soils. The peat thickness in the project area is heterogeneous. In some areas, thicknesses of up to 4 metres are reached.

What would happen without the project?

Without the project, the area would remain drained.

The peat body would continue to degrade.

Concrete measures

The water of the ditch is dammed at a higher level, thus stopping the drainage and allowing the water of the flowing ditch to spill out into the area if possible.

You invest in the following ecosystem services:

Per certificate: 0,14 Tons CO₂-eq.

Total project: 6790 Tons CO₂-eq.

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So everyone can experience the ecosystem service

  • The area can be visited after arranging with the land user.

Land user offering the project


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Documentation in the implementation phase

The project starts on 01.01.2025 and exactly goes 50years , provided all certificates have been sold.

You will be regularly informed about the progress of the project. For this purpose, the providers can provide short news, picture or audio material. The providers are obliged to report at least once a year whether everything went well with the implementation. If there are difficulties from your point of view, please contact us, the provider itself or the certification body.

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