Grazing land

Last week in May was the start of grazing in 2021. At a press meeting with representatives of the Munich Water Management Office (owner of the area), representatives of the Lower Nature Conservation Authority and the board of the Freising Landscape Conservation Association, farmer Martin Bartl explained the planned grazing operation and further measures on the area in the Freisinger Moos.

For example, the wet seigens will be fenced out for the time being to spare amphibians in and around the reed area that was cleared by grazing animals last year.

The removal of some willow bushes in the pasture is already showing a first clear success. A helmet orchid (Orchis militaris) is flowering in the now sunny south side of the parcel.

In addition, goldenrod, the dominant neophyte on the site, was apparently already significantly weakened by the first grazing pass in summer 2020.

During the survey, the cuckoo and a great curlew were observed on the site.

The stocking of the pasture, currently with one Fleckvieh and two young Murnau-Werdenfelser cattle, will be closely managed and adjusted if necessary in the coming weeks/months.