Species-rich grassland in the Döberitzer Heide

Preserve near-natural use


The grassland is particularly rich in species and we would very much like to preserve it.

10/2018 - 10/2019
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Project history
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Über das Projekt

Initial situation

The grassland is particularly rich in species. It has been used very extensively for years with a relatively high water level.

What would happen without the project?

Without the project, the farm could use the grassland more intensively, even though certain obligations already exist through ecological use and also through contractual nature conservation.

The species richness of the grassland will not be completely lost even without the project. However, the very good condition with endangered grassland species is neither required nor rewarded by the existing obligations.

Concrete measures

Late mowing with clearing or grazing with max. 0.4 GM/ha
No additional nitrogen fertilisation

You invest in the following ecosystem services:

Endangered species
  • Cuckoo's light carnation

Particularly supported are
  • Species of fresh and wet meadows

So everyone can experience the ecosystem service

  • The area can be visited after arranging with the land user.

The area is close to the village. Grazing with cattle of the Galloway breed can be experienced.

These are indirectly supported

Relevante Kenngrößen

Animal population max. 0.4 GM/ha

no plant protection products

Land user offering the project

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Involved in the project

Farm Döberitzer Heide-Galloways S. & H. Querhammer

The farm uses the project area. It is an organic farm with very sustainable and environmentally friendly cattle farming (beef cattle), animal-friendly slaughtering and regional marketing. Mr. and Mrs. Querhammer, as managers of the farm, are very trustworthy and, in our experience, very interested in nature conservation. They would like to manage the area in a nature conservation-friendly way out of their own interest, but need regular additional financing for this.

Eco company

Others involved in the project

Anne Brandenburger
Took over the vegetation mapping for us

Brandenburg , Potsdam-Mittelmark, 14476

Documentation in the implementation phase

The project starts on 01.10.2018 and exactly goes 1year , provided all certificates have been sold.

You will be regularly informed about the progress of the project. For this purpose, the providers can provide short news, picture or audio material. The providers are obliged to report at least once a year whether everything went well with the implementation. If there are difficulties from your point of view, please contact us, the provider itself or the certification body.

Documentation of the certification

Certified after

Nature Plus Standard

Certified by


Certification report

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Mapping of the areas was carried out (09/20)

In June 2019, the meadows were mapped by biologist Anne Brandenburger according to the identification species method for species-rich grassland Brandenburg. Between 7 and 10 species were recorded per transect. The areas can thus be classified as very species-rich.

Likewise, an experience day with the investor as well as the farmer took place on site in June 2019.