Report Kornradenfeld Münchehofe 2021

In 2021, the management measures were also documented as planned. Monitoring of the field vegetation and observations of the fauna were carried out.

In early summer 2021, after successful sowing in autumn 2020 with uncleaned rye seed, a variegated field vegetation developed. During the HNV transect mapping in May, numerous field weed species were again documented. The results show that the field has a very high natural value with 8 species along one transect. In total, the area has 13 HNV species. Rare or endangered field weeds such as corn cockle, field larkspur, field quail wheat or field black cumin were mapped in large numbers on the site. The dominant flower colours were red, blue and white.

In addition to skylarks, a protected butterfly species, the brown fire butterfly (Lycaena tityrus), was also observed during the survey in spring 2021.

After the harvest in summer, seedbed preparation took place at the beginning of October and grain sowing on 09.10.2021.