Report Poppy Field Dahmsdorf 2020

During the monitoring of the extensive field near Dahmsdorf in April and June 2020, a total of 15 HNV species for arable land were found. A very species-rich arable flora is developing on the field plot managed according to the criteria for protected fields. With 5 or 7 species per transect, the field vegetation of the area has a very high natural value. Special species here are the corn cockle, the field scimitar and the field black cumin, which is very rare in Brandenburg. This shows that the extensive field is a valuable site for rare field wild herbs.

The colourful flowering field is used as a feeding habitat by many flower visitors and pollinators. The dominant flower colours were red, blue and white.

In addition to skylarks, yellowhammers were also observed during the spring 2020 survey.

After the harvest in summer, seedbed preparation and grain sowing took place in October.